Automating & integrating fund management systems allows managers to keep their eye on what's important: generating alpha & delivering for clients


But how?


New for 2023:

Maximizing Efficiency:

The Business Case for an Integrated & Simplified Approach to Fund Management Workflow Processes


maximizing efficiency ebook

In our latest guide, "Maximizing Efficiency," Nirvana Solutions makes the case for an integrated, secure, cloud-based technology solution that establishes seamless connectivity between front, middle, and back office systems to:

  • Simplify fund management
  • Improve decision making
  • Generate better and more reliable data
  • Improve bottom line profitability

In our inaugural publication, Nirvana Solutions examines some of the vexing questions fund managers must grapple with if they are to establish a more secure foothold in the industry.

Topics include:

Nirvana Solutions eBook-1

Process Software Defined

What is front, middle, and back office software? How does it function in today's fund management business environment?

Nirvana Solutions eBook-2

An Optimized

Enables effortless flow of data across each of a fund manager’s systems: trading, reconciliation, compliance, reporting, accounting

Nirvana Solutions eBook-3

The Business

Efficiencies achieved via automation & integration will play an ever-increasing role in helping managers keep their eye on the big picture

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