Our extensive, seamlessly integrated and modular front-to-back office solutions are designed to support a diverse array of asset managers and are available a-la-carte.

Workflow Technology

Nirvana’s proprietary platform brings together a robust, fully functional order management system, portfolio management system, and general ledger accounting, all integrated onto a single database for a seamlessly integrated workflow. Our modules come with intuitive, easy-to-learn interfaces that work in concert across a single database for a continuous workflow, and even integrate seamlessly with other platforms you may want to continue using.

  • Global, multi-asset support
  • Electronic and manual trading workflows
  • Broker-neutral with no additional commissions charged to your brokers
  • FIX agnostic: use Nirvana’s own FIX network or connect with another party’s
  • Plug into any EMS
  • Real-time viewing with hundreds of ways to slice-and-dice your portfolio
  • Trading allocations on a pari passu, pro-rata, automatic or manual basis
  • Pre- and post-trade allocation support
  • Pre- and post-trade compliance module
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Integrated platform for a continuous workflow on a single database
  • Real-time portfolio management with global, multi-asset support
  • Portfolio views across any time scale: real-time, end of day, T+1, and date ranges with data retained in perpetuity
  • Corporate action handling
  • Track dividends, cash, and accruals
  • Automated reconciliation service
  • Robust and flexible reporting
  • Complete tax lot handling with virtually every conceivable closing method available
  • Shadow NAV on a full GL system with global, multi-asset support
  • Daily NAV and even real-time NAV. No more waiting for your administrator to strike your monthly or weekly NAV to get an estimate
  • Double-entry accounting with debits and credits
  • Automated accounting entries on trade activity
  • Accounting reports, including Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Income Statement
  • Reconciliation, including cash

Data Access

  • Hosted reporting website for your firm, with smart login permissions and mobile access
  • Mark to market P&Ls and cost basis gain/loss reporting
  • Tax lot reporting, days to long term, short term vs. long term
  • Performance reporting
  • Commissions analysis
  • Full accounting report access
  • Menus with flexible inputs to define dates, grouping and rows, filters, and other parameters
  • Mobile portfolio analytics and presentation platform to facilitate capital raising
  • Easy to use for non-operational users, including CIOs, PMs, and IR
  • Platform independent; works on iPad, Android tablet, touchscreen phone, PC, and Mac
  • Interactive graphs and drilldowns
  • PDF and Excel exporting
  • Automated email delivery of reports
  • Automated report archiving to minimize the pain of any future audits
  • Both PDF and Excel report formats


Take as much or as little of the functionality as you require. Our consultation will identify exactly what solution will deliver the workflow you require. Gone are the days of implementing and paying for functionality that you don’t need. You won’t need to remove parts of your infrastructure or workflow that you’re already satisfied with.

Modules can be mixed-and-matched with each other and with systems from other providers, so you can solve a pressing need without being forced to discard an existing infrastructure.

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